Certification Events

Please address certification inquiries to:

Cecelia Walker
205-783-3113; Fax 205-783-3564
Email: cecelia.walker@bhsala.com

Please find the "Letter of Intent to Meet" form listed in the next section.

Certification Documents

  1. Welcome to the ACPE Certification Process (25kb)
  2. Letter of Intent to Meet the SERACPE Certification Committee in pdf format (231kb)
  3. Letter of Intent to Meet the SERACPE Certification Committee in Word format (32kb)

The SERACPE Certification committee no longer publishes a Certification Manual. All aspirants for readiness, candidacy and extensions are encouraged to follow the standards and processes outlined in the 2010 ACPE Certification Manual.

Commission Action Forms

The Chair of the Regional Certification Committee must receive copies of the appropriate Committee Action Report form immediately following each meeting of certification committee. The report is to be hand delivered if the committee is held concurrently with the meetings of the Region or they are to be emailed if meeting is held locally.

  1. Committee Action Report for General Consultation (6kb)
  2. Committee Action Report for Consultation/Readiness for S.E.S. (7kb)
  3. Committee Action Report for Supervisory Candidate Status (7kb)
  4. Committee Action Report for Extension for Supervisory Candidate Status (7kb)
  5. Committee Action Report for Associate Supervisor Status (7kb)
  6. Committee Action Report for Consultation / Review for Supervisory Status (7kb)
  7. Committee Action Report for Reinstatement from Inactive Status (7kb)

Fee Structure

Certification Fees as of January 1, 2016

Student Registration for a Unit of CPE One unit: $100.00
Review for M. Div. Equivalency $75.00
Certification Consultations $150.00
Rediness Review $200.00
Request for Candidate $300.00
Request Extension of Candidacy $350.00
Request for Reinstatement of Supervisory Status $400.00
Extension of Associate Supervisor Status $250.00